Assistance Programs


Contact:  [email protected] or 704-680-6533 Ext. 4

Assistance Programs   Monday – Friday   10 AM – 5 PM

Servant’s Heart is a unique resource serving the Mint Hill community, zip code 28227, and families of students who attend Mint Hill Schools. With a warmth and friendliness not often found in larger agencies, we treat our clients with dignity and respect and devote a substantial amount of time to each person seeking assistance. As it benefits the clients, we establish dedicated community partnerships to ensure our clients get the assistance they need. 

Here are the most sought-after assistance programs – 

all at NO COST to our clients:



Non-Food Pantry – Our clients select a 1-month supply of items food stamps will not purchase. This pantry is stocked with 25 specific items that people use daily or at least weekly (toilet paper, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.) A family of 4 leave with a minimum of $172 in product.   

  • $88,985 of nonfood items were given for 2,031 people over the past 3 years.                                                            

Emergency Food Pantry – Clients who need food select groceries from among mostly nonperishable food items.  We do not want clients and their families to be hungry  while awaiting a trip to a full food pantry.

  • $25,660 of food items were given to feed 892 people over the past 3 years


Loaves & Fishes Partnership – SHMH is an approved professional referral source allowing clients referred by us to receive a 1-week supply of food up to 8 times a year.

  • SH referred 1,641 folks who received $45,810 in perishable and nonperishable food


BillPay Assistance – Launched July 2019 with immediate focus on assisting people with past due electric bills and disconnection notices before disconnection occurs. We help with expenses related to higher paying jobs for our clients (e.g.: CNA Exam and RN exam fees).

  • Assisted 94 families with $20,920


1:1 Budgeting – This service allows a client individual attention to construct a workable budget for money management and for establishing short-term and long-term goals.


Client Shopping – Our Community Boutique has an array of clothing items for clients and/or family members, as well as, household items such as bedding, lamps, small appliances and furniture.

  • Clients are given a spending cap based on family size and situation


Beds for Families – SHMH distributed 26 mattresses and bed frames to family members sleeping on floors over a 3-year period.


Back2School – New bookbags filled with new school supplies are distributed to students and schools along with classroom and administrative provisions to all 9 Mint Hill schools.

  • $63,575 was given over the past 4 years to help boost our local academic standing and give our children the right tools for the job. 


Turkey Tuesday – Clients receive groceries for a traditional Thanksgiving meal to prepare the way they like to eat it based on the number of people who reside in their home.

  • $39,620 fed 1,666 people Thanksgiving dinner since 2016.



Christmas Assistance Program – Clients select up to $100 in new toys for each child up to 12 years of age in their home. Because teenagers are more difficult for whom to select gifts, clients are given $75 in gift cards to Target or Walmart per teenager/college student in the home for a shopping trip.

  • $94,271 of new toys and clothes were given for 1,218 children people over the past 3 years

Information and Referrals

SHMH is constantly adding resources to our referral database in an effort to meet the various needs of our clients. Currently, our database is composed of 30+ tabs (e.g.: Medical, Job Fairs) and identified 130+ resources listed within those tabs. Each resource contains the organization’s name, address, mission statement, area of service, contact information along with hours/days of operation and what to bring to the interview.


  • Proof of household income or unemployment
  • Photo ID (often a driver’s license)
  • Social Security Cards for everyone who resides in the home.
  • Food Stamp EBT card, if applicable
  • Evidence of address (current electric bill)
  • Evidence of crisis with your name on it (e.g. loss of job)

The information above will be used to determine the client’s financial state and need, along with the crisis that brought them to us. With information entered into our data base, Servant’s Heart often addresses more than the precipitating event and provides concrete solutions to real problems.  Our heartfelt goal is to be able to provide every client with assistance, offer genuine encouragement, keep families intact, and offer hope for a better tomorrow.


Servant’s Heart of Mint Hill is a 501(c)(3) organization.